About Us

We are a boutique mental health and wellness practice. Our specialty is in the integration of traditional and emerging modalities for treatment of anxiety-related issues, bolstering of stress resilience, and empowering for personal and professional growth. As a team of independent, experts-in-collaboration, we offer a wide range of services including psychotherapy, psychiatry, biofeedback, peak performance coaching, mediation counseling, relational training and wellness consulting. Each of our providers is an expert in his or her respective field and will create an individualized plan to accomplish your treatment goals.

Our team members specialize in the areas of addiction, anxiety, depression, family issues, interpersonal difficulties, mood disorders, and work related stress. Our mission is to go beyond of what is expected, in an effort to create a safe, confidential treatment that will focus on your unique needs. Our team of experts includes clinical psychologists, psycho-physiologists, social workers, and family mediators. This interdisciplinary team of specialists utilizes the latest in the scientifically-supported and clinically proven approaches to deliver measurable results. Through the integration of latest advances in technology, mental health, psychiatric care, and nutritional/wellness services, we strive to bring to you the most effective and efficient care. In our unique approach, we strive to treat an entire person. That means we consider all spheres of functioning – physical, cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual. Comprehensive approaches tend to produce highly effective and measurable outcomes in caring for individuals, couples and families with mild to severe mental health needs. Such synthesis enhances the ability of our health care providers to develop comprehensive assessments and collaboratively implement best suited individualized treatment plans for shared clients. Our clients also benefit by having increased provider availability, enhanced communication between care providers, and reduced short- and long-term health cost.

Majority of our clients are intelligent, professional, highly functioning and motivated people. We are very focused on helping them overcome their mild to moderate mental health challenges. We eagerly await an opportunity to help you and your loved ones on the journey towards a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life.

Most commonly conditions treated through the traditional "top-down" approach:

• Acute and Chronic Stress
• Anxiety Disorders and Panic Attacks
• Obsessive and Compulsive Thoughts and Behaviors
• Melancholy and Depressed Mood
• Interpersonal Conflicts
• Spiritual and Religious Struggles
• Loss of Motivation, Creativity and Productivity

• Loss of Sexual Drive
• Various forms of Addictions
• Career and Work-related issues
• Search for Meaning and Self-Actualization
• Poor Social and Communication Skills
• History of Trauma and Unresolved Grief

Most commonly conditions treated through the "down-up" approach:

• Migraine, Tension, and Vascular Headaches
• Chronic Anxiety
• Test and Performance-related Anxiety
• Depression
• Post -Traumatic Stress Syndrome [PTSS]
• Chronic Pain
• Acute/post injury or post-operative, and revolving pain
• Fibromyalgia
• Hypertension

• Addictive Behavior Disorders
• Gastro-Intestinal Disorders (IBS, ulcerative colitis,
chronic constipation, etc.)
• ADHD, ADD and other forms of inattention and loss of focus
• Tachycardia and other cardiac conditions and arrhythmias
• Arthritis and Musculo-skeletal Disorders
• Auto-immune and related conditions
• Sports and Athletic Conditioning

Why Integrative Practice?

The importance of integrative health care begins with the understanding of health as interrelated functioning of one’s physical, mental, emotional, social, and often spiritual self. Therefore, to be truly healthy, happy and successful it is not enough to merely live without some major disease or other type of a crisis. To be able to achieve our fullest potential, we need to strive towards a more holistic and balanced existence. When a crisis arise, it should be interpreted as a signal that, some type of a change is no longer avoidable.

In our integrative practice, we work with our clients at the level where they need most help. At times this may require to initially address their history of trauma, personality disorders, addictions, or other chronic disfunction. However, our focus and an ultimate goal is to fortify their inherent strengths and their own healing capacities. Throughout the process, we encourage and help our clients to strive towards a holistic life, by restoring and maintaining emotional fitness and wellbeing across a person’s entire lifespan. Our health practitioners will employ a personalized treatment strategy that will consider your unique conditions, needs and circumstances in order to address the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences that maybe affecting your health and wellbeing. Furthermore, the clinicians will help you go beyond the treatment of symptoms, so that all of the causes of an illness are properly addressed.