Biofeedback is a powerful set of tools we use to reveal your body’s level of stress and how it improves when you apply the simple skills of stress recovery that we teach you. It’s non-invasive and can even be fun! Using biofeedback, clients are helped to gain awareness of many physiological functions of their mind and body. The key to biofeedback is the use of sophisticated technological instruments that provide information on the activity of critical to survival systems. For example, sensors are tuned to pick up subtle information gathered from one’s brainwaves, muscle tone, skin conductance, heart rate and pain perception, with a goal of being able to manipulate them at will.
We all have stress, but not all stress is bad. Medical research has shown that stress which lasts too long or is too high is known to cause illness and compromises your immune system. Many psychological, physiological and environmental factors are involved in developing the ability to control one’s response to the stressors.

In biofeedback training sessions, clients are taught some simple, effective techniques to intervene with stress responses. Since each individual has their own signature stress response, an individualized assessment and treatment plan helps clients to take control over their physiological reactions. In our unique approach, we utilize some of the cutting-edge technology and proven knowledge of psychophysiology helps clients to go from stress to stress recovery and from depressed immune system to improved health. Clients learn how to maintain their stress recovery, and to respond to future stress with confidence, consistence, and equanimity. Some of the well-documented benefits of using biofeedback in clinical settings are:

• Transform the detrimental effects of your stress.
• Strengthen your immune system.
• Maximize cancer or other treatment synergy for improved health.
• Manage pain and discomfort of disease or treatment.
• Shift the effects of anxiety and depression.

• Reduce symptoms of numerous GI conditions.
• Reduce the effects of ADD and ADHA
• Cultivate serenity within yourself.
• Improve work performance and cognitive function.
• Eliminate test-taking anxiety