Sara Philips, LMSW

Sara Philips,
Licensed Psychotherapist

Emotional healing is a process that requires patience and skill, and as a licensed therapist, Sara is able to integrate both into her clinical work. It is not unusual for many individuals in the beginning of their therapeutic process to express their feelings of being overwhelmed by many of life’s challenges, confusing events, and ambiguous options. Sometimes individuals describe their life’s journey as a lonely, uphill battle. Sara’s therapeutic style tends to provide a balanced, non-judgmental, objective and yet compassionate perspective.

Working mostly with adult clients, Sara actively engages her patients using various cognitive techniques to gain awareness of underlying sources of emotional blockages, and seeking ways to heal both old and recent traumas. Sara imparts an empathic understanding and invites her clients to work through their emotional, cognitive and relational difficulties to better themselves and reduce symptoms of anxiety, worry, confusion, social withdrawal, preoccupations and addictive behaviors. Many clients would agree, working together with a skilled therapist is what provided them, maybe for the first time in their lives, to have more clarity and awareness about their life’s destination.

They felt more confidence about their abilities, and accepted own strengths and vulnerabilities. They learned to make better decisions, and gained courage to face life’s challenges. If you are ready to join on this exciting journey towards independence, confidence, and more fulfilled life, you may find Sara to be the best professional for you to partner with on this journey.