Resolve to recover: Tips help you to stay the course

Choosing recovery is the best decision you could make.  It’s important to set yourself up for success by continuing to make good choices throughout your journey.  Here is important advice to help you stay on track through 2018.

Make it Count

Your recovery is an investment in yourself.  You’re investing in your health, your lifestyle and your future.  Take the opportunity to reframe your life and renew who you are.  According to Psych Central, here is how to make the most of this investment.

Your mindset.  Many people enter recovery with negative feelings weighing on them.  It’s possible you experience feelings of hopelessness or failure.  Instead, focus on the fact that you are taking positive steps.  What you’re doing is courageous and you should commend yourself for your choice.

Be realistic.  Remember that you’re in a program for a disease.  Addiction doesn’t go away, and you won’t be “cured.”  As some experts explain, many people enter rehab during a crisis, and aren’t necessarily thinking of long-term resolution but want a quick fix that makes others happy.  However, you are reframing your life and learning new behaviors, thought patterns, and new methods of how to conduct yourself.  This is a lifelong commitment that will get easier as time goes on.

Embrace structure.  Most rehab programs are full of rules, and you may feel restricted or somewhat insulted by the supervision and guidance provided.  However it’s for your benefit to let go of some freedoms during the early part of your journey.

Be open minded.  Remember many people struggle with addiction. In fact, some studies reflect a rapidly growing issue in America.  You may be surprised at how much commonground you share with others.  You could discover connecting with other addicts is an encouragement in your journey.  Staff and therapists can teach you about what you are experiencing.  People around you are partners in your challenge, so remember they are working to support and assist you.  Similarly, share your own story as you go.  There can be healing in acknowledging your path.

Persevere.  The journey of recovery is not an easy one.  There may be times you want to give up, you may receive advice you don’t like or you may find there are aspects of who you are that make you feel bad.  Recognize that every time you push through these events, you will enter a new phase of healing.

Your New Life

It’s important to realize you will be rebuilding your life.  You will need to evaluate all of your relationships and lifestyle in order to make healthy choices that promote your well-being.  If someone is detrimental to your healing, it’s important to step away from the relationship.  Similarly, you need to find an appropriate place to live following rehab, one that will support your good choices. You’ll want to find a place that helps you create a healthy, consistent routine without throwing you into the paths of old triggers.  You’ll also want a loving environment to rebuild your relationships and bond with your family, a place where you can heal and focus on your recovery.

Set yourself up for success by making the most of your investment.  Maintain a great outlook and rebuild your life in a healthy way.