What Is Biofeedback




Biofeedback involves the use of highly specialized, highly sensitive, non-invasive technology that identifies your body’s physiological stress markers.  Stress markers generally indicate inordinate stress, as well as resistance to or inability to recover from that inordinate stress.  As long ago as 1994, over 70 medical conditions and diseases had already been definitively linked to chronic stress!

Many forms of Biofeedback have been around for a long time—some over a hundred years! Because of this long history, we have a huge body of normative data to provide us with the parameters that provide a healthy range versus a compromised state for these stress markers.   A familiar example of one basic but important type of Biofeedback is a thermometer! Another is a blood pressure cuff. While these two measures are common health indicators, they are also Biofeedback tools that flag physiological stress.

Our goal is to assess the feedback markers and then help you learn an effective skill set of techniques to mitigate your habitual or uninformed behaviors and cognitive responses to the detrimental stressfulness we experience- to create a “life toolbox,” if you will.

We help you learn how to:


Recover from and

Master your response to anxiety and stress

Manage yourself in the face of events and situations that create stress in your life.

EYou will develop the skills to drive ASR [Autonomic Self- Regulation], strengthen your HRV [heart rate variability,] and become independent in using them with high efficacy.

EYou will learn the process of creating and sustaining constructive change; rather than being pulled back to the anchors of old and/or detrimental behaviors and responses.

The outcome: you will feel and function better in your private, personal/family, professional and social life.  Instead of being reactive; you can you use these skills to be proactive in your life.  Instead of being the passenger in your own life, you will learn to become the pilot…

Cognitive function will improve; your counseling will be more effective because you will be more receptive to and successful with the process of change, and will be enabled to being more attentive during the sessions. Frequently, business or work performance improves as well.

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